On Oracle Certification

I strongly believe that in Turkey Human Resource specialists and even the Information Technology managers who are dominant during the recruiting process are not aware of the Oracle Certification terms; OCA, OCP and OCM.

Also what an OCP is or is not is another discussion topic. The very known Tom Kyte is not an OCP :) check this post

For me having a two-three years of Oracle development or administration experience in a busy company is much more important than having an OCP degree. The reason is simple, because this exam is not effective to check the participant’s Oracle experience and easy conditions are there to pass for someone who studies sample questions for several weeks. Check this post for an example :)

But when it comes to having an OCM degree it is really different, OCM credential is for the most advanced Oracle database administrator. This individual has comprehensive and extensive experience on a wide variety of topics since this exam consists an intensive two-day hands-on practical examination.

Recommended minimum skills include:

1. Proficient with Oracle 10g SQL
2. Working knowledge of LINUX command language that includes:

    a. Formatting and executing basic OS commands
    b. Creating and navigating through directory structures
    c. File management using copy, move, and delete
    d. Linux environment text editors
    e. Setting environment variables

3. The ability to locate and launch Oracle executables that include:

    a. RMAN utility
    b. Oracle Net Manager
    c. Oracle Net Configuration Assistant
    d. OEM
    e. Listener Utility
    f. OMS
    g. Oracle Password Utility
    h. Database Creation Assistant

4. Proficient with Oracle Enterprise Manager
5. Proficient in using Oracle Net Manager and the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant to configure networking
6. Advanced knowledge and use of Oracle Enterprise Server technology and features
7. Familiarity navigating through online Oracle documentation
8. Proficient with using Mozilla 1.6 browser software

You may want to check these free Oracle Certificate Practice Tests, also these vendors demos are available(Cisco®,CompTIA,Lotus,Microsoft,Novell,PMI,Sun,ISC2,Check Point,IBM,ITIL)

But if you want to experience a real challenge on your PL/SQL knowledge I reccomend you to try this one :)

For more information on Oracle certification you may want to check these resources;






  1. pythianvallee says:

    Another rollicking good read on this subject from the point of view of the employer is by one of Pythian’s service delivery managers, Rob Hamel: http://www.pythian.com/news/papers/OCPApplicants.html. It describes how we at Pythian have abandoned the quick quiz method of interviewing altogether as a direct result of the OCP certification approach (i.e. learn a lot of trivia).

    You can’t figure out if someone knows something or not any more just by seeing if they know the definitions or use cases for some arcane nook or cranny of the database engine. If they know this trivia, it’s more likely that they studied it than that they’ve used it in a production setting. As a result, we’ve moved to a 100% work-simulation oriented tech interview. This takes longer for the candidate, however the end result is a highly unfakeable demonstration of the candidates ability to actually get a series of things done in half a workday, which much more accurately demonstrates the skills we value. After all, anyone can google the difference between a lock and a latch, or the architecture of the log buffer, and know the answer within a few seconds. Only the best can demonstrate a practical application of that knowledge with an actual work deliverable due within the hour.

    Good post, Tonguç.


  2. Güncel düşüncelerimi içeren türkçe yorumlarımı burada referans gösteriyorum ilgilenen için; “bir tarafta senelik egitim ve sertifikasyon kotalari ile hareket eden kurumlar, acimasiz ticari yasam kosullari, egitim satisdan farksiz.

    diger tarafta iyi bir is bulmak icin once universite ardindan belli egitimler ve sertifikasyonlar pesine dusen gencler, zar zor toparlayabildikleri bir butce ile iyi bir is hayali ile hareket ediyorlar.

    bir baska taraf da sirketler, oca/p/m gibi sertifikalari ne referansla, ne kadar olcut olarak dikkate aliyorlar, bu sifatlara sahip kisiler kusursuz mu, iste tipik ve unlu bir ornek; http://www.oracledba.co.uk/ocp.htm ..”

    devamı için – http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/oracleturk/message/2910

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