The differences between a marketing mindset and a scientific mindset

Without science, the forces of marketing and superstition combine to create waste that you pay for.

Cultures governed by superstition and marketing

1. Seller provides information that’s in the seller’s best interest
2. Waste
3. Guesses, hopes

Cultures governed by science

1. Seller provides accurate information because you can tell the difference
2. Efficiency
3. Fully informed decisions

Marketing mindset

1. Motive – Selling
2. Worst thing that could happen – Not selling
3. Communication style – Subjective
4. Spin The whole truth, Self-credit

Scientific mindset

1. Motive – Learning
2. Worst thing that could happen – Not learning
3. Communication style – Objective
4. Nothing but the truth, it’s hard!

Science begins with doubt. The late Dr. Richard Feynman, one of the most important physicists and educators of the twentieth century, characterized a scientist as someone who actively doubts, who instead of believing everything he sees and hears, subjects his observations to formal scrutiny. It is an immensely valuable habit to get into. It is the habit of asking one’s self questions like Really?, How can I be certain?, and What if I’m wrong?

If you ever find yourself unable to think of how to construct a test, or unable to think of anything useful to test, visit Tom Kyte’s page There you’ll find an entire community engaging in the kind of behavior described above.

References used : TESTING ORACLE PERFORMANCE presentation by Cary Millsap

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