Great news from Oracle Türkiye today :)

I recieved an email with subject “Oracle University Türkiye Ocak-Nisan 2007 Eğitim Programı” and in the mail it was said that Mr.Jonathan Lewis will be in İstanbul for a seminar;

“..Oracle database konusunda Oracle Gurusu olan Jonathan Lewis “Cost Based Optimization, Indexing Strategies and Explain Plan” adlı eğitim semineriyle 27-28 Şubat tarihlerinde İstanbul’da olacak. Eğitim semineri içeriğine bu linki tıklayarak ulaşabilirsiniz.

Eğitim Adı: Cost Based Optimization, Indexing Strategies and Explain Plan
Eğitim Tarihi: 27-28 Şubat 2007
Daha fazla bilgi için, lütfen 0212 329 68 48 numaralı telefondan veya e-posta adresinden bizlere ulaşınız..”

I learned these details immediately;
– ~40 attandance is planned for this event,
– the place will be announced later, most probably a hotel’s meeting lounge,
– the price will be around 750 Euro per person

As a group we were still working on his new book so this was a really good news for me, lots of questions to ask :) I also post a comment to Mr.Lewis’s blog and tried to show how excited we are :)

So who is Mr.Jonathan Lewis and why is he so important to us?

These lines are from the Oracle ACE list at OTN;
“Jonathan Lewis is a freelance consultant who specializes in design, troubleshooting, and advanced training in best use of the Oracle database engine. He is a frequent speaker on the international circuit, with presentations lasting from 45 minutes to three days. His first book, Practical Oracle8i, is still worth reading, despite being two generations behind the latest version, and his most recent book, Cost Based Oracle Fundamentals (Apress), is currently receiving enthusiastic reviews. Jonathan is currently a director of the UK Oracle User Group.”

More than these Mr.Lewis is one of three people who I admire most, follow and except as my masters through the last eight years of my Oracle database administration and development career. Other two are Mr.Thomas Kyte and Mr.Steven Feuerstein. I trust these experts because they talk with numbers, with proofs. I try to read every single line they write, more than that I try to understand what they are trying to explain, I work on their books and blog posts. This pain is worthy, I experienced it with the development of my career and I advise all of the starters to read and follow them.

Mr.Jonathan Lewis was choosen as “Oracle Author of the year 2006” with his new book and Mr.Steven Feuerstein was choosen as “Oracle Pl/Sql Developer of the year 2006” by the readers of Oracle Magazine.

They are the owners of all these life saver mottas and of course more;
Universal mantra on data intensive processing
Beware of “Question Authorities”
The moral of the story

I hope to meet Mr.Lewis during this seminar, but since he is no different than Eric Clapton or
Clint Eastwood for me I am really not sure if I will be able to speek some words in front of him :) But I am sure this time not reading but llistenening to him will be something very special in my life!

Mr.Lewis’s official site
Mr.Lewis’s blog
Practical Oracle 8i: Building Efficient Databases
Cost-Based Oracle Fundamentals

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