“What’s New in” series on http://tahiti.oracle.com

In one of the previous post, Project Lockdown by Arup Nanda, I mentioned Mr.Arup Nanda’s below two articles, all time most read articles on Oracle Technology Network published articles;

Oracle Database 10g: The Top 20 Features for DBAs
Oracle Database 10g: Top Features for DBAs Release 2 Features Addendum

They have both detailed information as a starting point to 10g. Also they provide good answers why you might want to migrate and how more efficiently you may use Oracle, the software you already paid a lot.

Also for another great summarised information you might visit Oracle’s documentation and search for “What’s New in”. It was love in first sight for me with these ones;

What’s New in Oracle Performance?
What’s New in PL/SQL?
What’s New in Application Development?
What’s New in Oracle Database Administrator’s Guide?
What’s New in Oracle Database Security?
What’s New in Oracle Streams AQ?
What’s New in Oracle Text?
What’s New in Enterprise Manager 10.2
What’s New in Oracle Call Interface?
What’s New in Oracle Spatial?