Is Tonguc still alive –’s first 6 months and over 50,000 hits :)

I am so sad for the last two months, I have been given a critical management assignment for my company, couldn’t say the magic word -NO- and this absolute waste of time duty consumed all of my valuable time. Couldn’t read enough and write the posts I planned. I hope this will change within 15 days..

I started this blog with the new year 2007, by the first six months wordpress says I crossed 50,000 hits :) Up to now the most read entries were –

Introduction to Oracle Trace Utulity and Understanding The Fundamental Performance Equation
Oracle 10g Flashback Versions Query, Drop Table and Recyclebin Management
Oracle Best Practices Part 1
Oracle SQL Extentions Part 1
Oracle Built-in Functions – Part 1

I hope to be much more productive and continue my posts within the categories I mentioned at

And also I have to mention that I was surprised when my latest post didn’t get the attention I expected, so what do you think about it? :)