Oracle Star Wars

I have written a post earlier about the expert categories in Oracle community I experienced. I didn’t know I was playing with fire :) I don’t know the historical reasons behind the below war I will mention but I can only imagine why someone like Mr.Lewis or Mr.Kyte would go after each post of someone like Mr.Burleson.

Mr.Burleson is a very well known Oracle expert for years and every single Oracle newbie who uses google during their researches instead of metalink or docs, meets with his articles immediately :) As a result someone who has this much power must be very careful about what he suggests to the community, if not we face another example of “Question Authority.”

On the other hand Mr. Lewis has always been like a scientist, when you read his books, articles you always feel like you are in a laboratory. Mr.Lewis kind of people never mislead the starters with a fear that it is too much complicated to write on, you never read something like “.. immediately rebuild your indexes when they have X amount of deleted leaves ..”

So there can not be any excuse like “since they are newbie they do not have the opportunity to learn the rights”, at least above word kills the wonder feeling and do not let others to try with a test case and see some outcomes for their specific conditions.

At forums alanm From: Shropshire, U.K. commented “It makes the forum something less than it should be.” and some anonym user user584951(maybe he is also someone important:) warned two community leader and the war seems to pause for sometime. Know I leave you with the war series I found :)



Part I –

Part II –


  1. ibrahimdemir says:

    War series is the exact word to explain what is going behind.

    And there is also a Turkish expression “KAVGADA BİLE SÖYLENMEZ” fits this stuation well i think :)

  2. Series continue –

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