Endless loop – read, test and learn

First of all psoug.org started publishing new 11gR1 demos :)

I love to read metalink notes, you never get bored with these :) After sometime forums, asktom and docs resources compared to metalink quality starts to be secondary.

I know lots of people can not access metalink, so I will try to let them know what they are loosing, below three are from my today’s readings;

Note:274436.1How To Integrate Statspack with EM 10G

Note:175817.1Building local indexes on partitioned tables using DBMS_PCLXUTIL package

Note:215187.1SQLTXPLAIN.SQL – Enhanced Explain Plan and related diagnostic info for one SQL statement (sqlt.zip)

Note:68836.1How To Efficiently Drop A Table With Many Extents