Endless loop – read, test and learn

First of all psoug.org started publishing new 11gR1 demos :)

I love to read metalink notes, you never get bored with these :) After sometime forums, asktom and docs resources compared to metalink quality starts to be secondary.

I know lots of people can not access metalink, so I will try to let them know what they are loosing, below three are from my today’s readings;

Note:274436.1How To Integrate Statspack with EM 10G

Note:175817.1Building local indexes on partitioned tables using DBMS_PCLXUTIL package

Note:215187.1SQLTXPLAIN.SQL – Enhanced Explain Plan and related diagnostic info for one SQL statement (sqlt.zip)

Note:68836.1How To Efficiently Drop A Table With Many Extents


  1. Indeed there are many wonderful articles in Metalink. However, their search is so bad that it is very difficult to find the useful articles when you need them.
    I just bookmarked the one about dropping a table with many extents, because I’ll need it soon and I’m not sure I’ll be able to find it again.

    I wish Oracle could license google for their Metalink andn OTN searches.

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