Welcome 11g

Yesterday Oracle Türkiye was our guest and we talked on the new features of the new release. Below you will find some presentations which summaries why you might want to migrate to 11g.

Creating test environments was one of our chronic problems and with 11g Standby Snapshots and Real Application Testing(RAT) features, managing testing quality will be much more easier for us. Also real time physical standby database feature for reporting purposes is another great feature.

11g on Linux will be download able from OTN this month and I also hope we will be enjoying a new free Express Edition(XE) version soon.

10g Release 2 is a great release for our needs and each day I continue to learn new things about it, but this is for today of course.

Also I still believe in second releases :) I hope you also enjoy the 11g new features –

11g General New Features
11g Application Development New Features
11g Manageability New Features
11g Very Large Database New Features
11g High Availability New Features
11g Grid and OLTP New Features
11g Real Application Testing New Features
Why 11g? (In Turkish)New Features

You may also want to visit these 11g references –

Oracle 11G database on OTN
Mr.Arup Nanda is again preparing one of his great top features series for 11g
Amis Blogs on 11g new features
psoug.org started publishing 11gR1 demos


  1. Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (
    Standard Edition, Standard Edition One, and Enterprise Edition
    Linux x86 (1.7 GB)

  2. ibrahimdemir says:

    Hi Mr Yilmaz :) ;

    It is a very nice post and I started to focus on the presentations.

    I have a question about using newly released products. As we all know every software can have bugs,problems etc. (Sometimes it is not easy to see them even in your test environments ) And also there is not enough know-how about the product because it is not widely used yet.

    On the other sometimes taking the risk can make you NUMBER ONE. Just think that you have no problems on the production environment with the new product. And you are much more faster and your customers are also pleased with your short response time.

    Even you always say you are a R2 PERSON I want to hear your comment on using newly released products (no matter it is developed by Oracle) as a person working at a mission-critical position in a MISSION-CRITICAL MARKET? (War of the operators :) )


  3. İbrahim managing change is risky; availability and risks are can not be used in the same sentence especially for the huge operations who may loose some K$ within minutes of downtime. Also 11g is focusing on this need with some important new features. I love taking calculated risks(testing as you mentioned) and I always depend on Oracle support over metalink, I experienced lots of migration up to now but never failed yet. But this is me, every rose has its thorn :)

  4. Pricing for Oracle Database 11g editions and existing options remains unchanged. The following new Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition options are priced as follows:
    * Oracle Real Application Testing — $10,000 per processor or $200 per named user;
    * Oracle Advanced Compression — $10,000 per processor or $200 per named user;
    * Oracle Total Recall — $5,000 per processor or $100 per named user; and,
    * Oracle Active Data Guard — $5,000 per processor or $100 per named user.

    Oracle’s complete technology price list is available at:
    http://www.oracle.com/corporate/pricing/pricelists.html .

  5. dbahar says:

    Hi Tonguç,
    for my focused area most exciting feature is snapshot standby database.
    In 10gr2 there are many steps for flashback of standby, convert to primary, etc.
    in 11gr1 there is only one command to accomplish this:

    alter database convert to snapshot standby database;


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