Oracle body building – oracle-l –

I am a member of this list for a long time, but never asked a question nor answered one yet, just a read-only mode follower :)

I filter the feeds by the sender since there are lots of messages going around. I may advice two efficient ways of following this list –

1. digest mode membership :
2. following over an rss reader :

At most I can read maybe %10 of the content daily, but still it is still very beneficial, there are really hidden rdbms and os experts out there, believe me.

Note : we are having difficulty reaching to wordpress domain from Türkiye, so many thanks to making this post possible..


  1. Eddie Awad says:

    You may also find the following useful: How to Read Blogs in Turkey. By the way, is cool.


  2. Tom Kyte argues the list in one of his oramag article in this way – “This list is cool for two reasons. First, there are the contributions of people such as Wolfgang Breitling, Lex de Haan, Paul Drake, Mladen Gogala, Tim Gorman, Jonathan Lewis, Niall Litchfield, Connor McDonald, Cary Millsap, Tanel Poder, Mark Powell, Pete Sharman, and Jared Still, to name just a few. (This is not an exhaustive list of posters by any means.) Second, the sense of community there is large. At every conference or event of any size, there is usually a gathering of the Oracle-l’ites where everyone gets together. Many good friendships have grown out of that list.”

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