11g Express Edition Wishlists @ XE forum

On Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (you will need an extra registration with your OTN account for this forum – please check http://otn.oracle.com/xe for details) forum I started some threads recently, each is related to an extension for the coming 11g XE.

So you may support the ones already opened or you may create new ones similar to these. Of course there is no guarantee that these will have an affect on Oracle’s decisions but why not trying :)

11g Express Edition Wishlist – Compression
11g Express Edition Wishlist – JVM as a separate download and install
11g Express Edition Wishlist – maximum storage to 20GB
11g Express Edition Wishlist – Point-in-time tablespace recovery
11g Express Edition Wishlist – More globalization support
11g Express Edition Wishlist – Maximum memory 2GB
11g Express Edition Wishlist – Database Control(Oracle Enterprise Manager)
11g Express Edition Wishlist – Flashback Table

References used :
Express Edition Licensing Information Guide


  1. Interesting comment @ XE OTN forum –

    “Oracle 11g XE must compete directly against DB2 Express C9:

    *Unlimited Storage.
    *2 CPUS.
    *Memory 4GB.
    *Unlimited instances
    *32 and 64 bits.
    *Optional Replication.”

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