Previously Released Oracle Support Case Studies

Intense and Random Buffer Busy Wait Performance
Performance / Beginner / December, 2005

Configuring the Kerberos Adapter in a Windows Environment
Networking / Beginner / July, 2006

The Case of the Stubborn Cost Based Optimizer
Performance / Intermediate / December, 2005

Diagnosing Another Buffer Busy Waits Issue
Performance / Intermediate / March, 2006

Using Real-Time Diagnostic Tools to Diagnose Intermittent Database Hangs
Performance / Intermediate / July, 2006

Resolving High CPU Usage on Oracle Servers
Performance / Intermediate / May, 2006

Analyzing 10053 Trace Files
Performance / Expert / December, 2005

The Mysterious Performance Drop
Performance / Expert / May, 2006

Judicious Use of Histograms for Oracle Applications Tuning
Tuning and Performance / Expert / March, 2006

Slow Client Connection in a RAC/Sun Cluster
Real Application Clusters / Expert / December, 2005

Diagnosing Unsuccessful CRS Issues
Real Application Clusters / Expert / March, 2006

Setting up External Stream Generation in Lease Management
Lease Management / Expert / March, 2006

OCFS Drives Disappearing and/or Becoming Inaccessible
Clustered File System / Expert / December, 2005

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Announcement of a new product; ubSQL from ubTools

ubSQL is a utility which unloads Oracle data to text format; runs DML/DDL statements. So why ubSQL ?

  • It is a fast, C-based utility.
  • Multi-threaded utility; N threads fetch data, N threads process fetched data, N threads write processed data to disks.
  • Uses Oracle Call Interface(OCI), which is the lowest documented layer to access Oracle.
  • Uses Operating System Kernel Calls directly in many unload operations without needing a library overhead.
  • Multiple sessions can unload different parts of a table at the same time.
  • Oracle data can be unloaded to multiple output files.
  • Array Fetching is used in unload operations.
  • Creating SQL*Loader control file is possible.
  • Regular and Named Pipes are supported as Output File Types.
  • Reading Oracle data directly from disks without using Oracle SGA is currently under development.
  • Supported Oracle Versions Oracle 9i and onwards are supported.

ubSQL Presentation

ps: itrprof SQL Analyzer