Cary Millsap started blogging

This morning I saw at that Cary Millsap of hotsos started blogging at so I wanted to share. If you already read Cary Millsap’s book Optimizing Oracle Performance, you also might be very excited about this :)

Thanks to Marco Gralike for his feedback!

Golden rules of application design, don’t design your application to do anything that isn’t absolutely necessary;

1- Don’t run reports that nobody reads,

2- Don’t generate more output than you need,

3- Don’t execute a business process any more often than the business needs,

4- Don’t write SQL that visits more blocks in the database buffer cache than necessary,

5- Don’t update a column’s value to the same value it already has,

6- Push data when it’s ready instead of forcing applications to poll to see if there’s any work to do,

7- Don’t generate redo and undo when you don’t need the recoverability benefits provides by generating it,

8- Don’t parse any SQL statement that you could have pre-parsed and shared,

9- Don’t process DML one row at a time; use array fetches, bulk inserts, etc.

10- Don’t lock data any more often or for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Reference – Optimizing Oracle Performance, Chapter 11, Responding to the diagnosis, Attributes of a scalable application

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