Oracle provides SQL and PL/SQL features so that we can do a lot more with fewer lines of code

Recently I started a discussion on database forum with subject “Why Oracle?”. Hans Forbrich and Billy Verreynne gave important feedbacks. As a group we are preparing a free half day seminar to the computer science students in Istanbul.

When I started to study 10g I tried to blog my experiences on new pl/sql packages with a series called Expanded Supplied Packages with 10g. If you do not want to waste your time and money on developing some features which are already available in your database, it is better to be aware of them. As Tom Kyte‘s saying; no need to re-invent a dumper wheel :) For 11g here is a start point for the new and updated ones;

11g Release 1 New Features in the SQL Language
11g Release 1 New and Updated PL/SQL Packages
11g Release 1 All New Features Grouped by Guides

Recently I was playing with DBMS_ADVANCED_REWRITE package which was also a new feature on 10g. You may want to use this package for rewriting a bad query on your production database until it is tuned or even to make your friends go mad with changed results to their queries on your development database :)

Code Listing 198 : DBMS_ADVANCED_REWRITE demo

Testing Information : the scripts mentioned are tested on Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release

References Used :

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