Chronicles of 11gR1

I am still on holiday, but Oracle is like drugs :) I was reading 11g now or 11g later forum topic on and decided to install and play with 11gR1. I am an advocate for second release by experience for a production environment, to go with first releases there must be really strong motivations for new features. But on VMvare it is always fun to play with Oracle’s new features :)

So I was playing with 11gR1 on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 at VMware Workstation 6 on my laptop, but first things first;
Oracle patchset is out for Linux x86, but yet another month I guess for plathforms like Solaris and Windows.
– On February 27th will be upgraded to 3.1, so if you have some important applications to be exported don’t be too late.

Since dizwell closed his resources to the community this time I couldn’t have the pleasure to consume his fantastic installation guides, strange but I never thought of loosing a resource like this before, now I have similar fears for some blogs I frequently read and asktom. But there are some really good alternatives for quick installation guides like
and of course for details there is always official installation guide documentation.
By the way if you are also missing Howard Rogers’s fantastic articles on and his OTN forums replies maybe this helps, see this petition on

I want to comment on my first test results and share my first impressions of 11gR1 briefly here;

1- Our old USER_DUMP_DEST, BACKGROUND_DUMP_DEST and CORE_DUMP_DEST is replaced with DIAGNOSTIC_DEST parameter now and we now have also xml based log files. Hard to like immediately.
But it is really easy to get the trace file name now, V$DIAG_INFO view gives the trace file name with TRACEFILE_IDENTIFIER that is set. Lovely.
With each trace file also a small binary .trm extension, trace map file, is created now. Interesting.

2- Instead of SGA_TARGET and PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET now we have MEMORY_TARGET by default to manage both sga and pga together. Cool.
Also my DB_FILE_MULTIBLOCK_READ_COUNT was set to 52 by default. Interesting.

3- Still after a FLASHBACK TABLE TO BEFORE DROP constraints and triggers related to the table are left with BIN$% names. Unhappy.

4- sqldeveloper is a part of the installation of the 11g database now. Lovely.

5- apex is also a part of the installation of the 11g database now. Lovely.

6- Lots of new parameters, supplied packages and background processes are introduced or changed. This study of Julian Dyke summarizes the differences between Oracle and Oracle

Listing 202a – Chronicles of 11gR1
Listing 202b – Some simple event 10046 and 10053 tests on 11g

11g may be a real cost with its new features, I am excited to see what will be included on the 11g Express Edition which is most probably be available with the second release. Until then if you also want to go out and play below references provide much much more;

Oracle Database 11g: The Top New Features for DBAs and Developers by by Arup Nanda
Oracle® Database New Features Guide 11g Release 1 (11.1)

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