WordPress is still banned in my country :(

I thought this was not a permanent problem but it has been over 6 months now, so I thought to create a workaround for the regular Turkish readers of this blog. My old blog at http://tonguc.oracleturk.org is still accessible, so from now on I will be publishing all my posts both here and there.

Under WordPress’s administration dashboard under blog stats we have All Time Top Posts and I also choosed most read 5 posts of this blog and imported them as well. But still Turkish Oracle blog followers will need some stuff mentioned here to access other wordpress blogs of course, even their own maybe. Here are some of my favorite Oracle blogs at WordPress, so really thanks to OpenDNS :)

Tanel Poder’s blog: Core IT for geeks and pros
Richard Foote’s Oracle Blog
Jonathan Lewis’s Oracle Scratchpad
Lutz Hartmann as sysdba

ps: ApEx 3.1 is now downloadable, check out below link for further information like how to use 3.1 on XE, OBEs of 3.1 and sample 3.1 applications; http://www.oraclecommunity.net/profiles/blog/show?id=1988559%3ABlogPost%3A4704

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