What about today’s Oracle database developers’ business process and data modeling needs?

It was the good old days of Client-Server applications and at that times my company was migrating our applications from Powerbuilder to Oracle Forms. I was so fan of Powerbuilder and also so young, this change was making me sad and crazy.

Last week I met and worked with Power Designer, a very good data modeling tool to my first impressions. This success reminded me how I was miserable after Forms migrations and still after 10+ years Oracle’s only answer to data modeling seems to be Designer.

I did several searches on OTN and Oracle documentation, only alternative poped up to be Jdeveloper which Oracle database developer’s rarely installs after all those years;



Today’s Designer is still inside Oracle Developer Suite 10g and is still seems to be closely integrated with Oracle Forms only.

We now have APEX inside 11g database installation, cool
We now have OWB inside 11g database installation, cool+
We now have SQL Developer inside 11g database installation, cool++

But what about today’s Oracle database developers’ business process and data modeling needs? I hope Oracle has plans for SQL Developer at least to have some designer capabilities soon.

Until that day Power Designer rocks! :)

PS : one need, several solutions, so who says SQL is always faster than PL/SQL? :)

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