Like in the old fairy tales if I could have 3 wish chances from the big boss.

1. Support Issues

I would wish Oracle to segment its customers due to both their financial value and Oracle know-how.

I really do want to see someone who knows more than me when I open an SR, after all those years of experience if I am opening a SR this really means something is wrong and I need immediate, to the point support.

In my company if one of our VIP customer calls our call-center we recognize him and guide him to a special team of call-center agents. There he experiences the SEVERITY 0 type of support, this is 21st century basic need for any company to full fill its customer loyalty.

2. Licensing Issues

I would wish Oracle to enlarge XEs limitations, enrich APEX and SQL Developer to the ends.

MS is so active at Universities that nearly no Computer Science student can have the chance to meet Oracle Database software until he is recruited. But after XE things started to change.

3. Acquired Software Company Issues

I would wish Oracle to provide “Oracle Database Friendly” versions of acquired softwares starting with Siebel and BEA.

I want to utilize my database investment, I do not want to experience another common database independent solution because I am not running MySQL but Oracle.

So what would you wish? :)