1. joao says:

    Congratulations Yılmaz… but you’ve been lucky too much times :) ! You must not count on luck forever :)

    Joao Oliveira

  2. dombrooks says:

    An amazing end…

  3. Joao you are absolutely right, this may not go on. Also I do not like the football our team play, but this is football, no matter how you play goals define the results and our young players believed not to be defeated until the very last seconds for the last three games. This is very important for me for the future of this team.

    My people because of the economic and political crisis are always sad and having hard times for very long time, this kind of a celebration was something we were all needing. Türkiye is a lonely country and these young players gifted us a smile we missed. So I pray for another two miracle games :)

  4. asifmomen says:

    Congratulations Yılmaz…

  5. Asif, Dom thanks for the support :)

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