I registered for Oracle OpenWorld 2008 this morning

It is a long way to SF and after my last participation at 99 Oracle community changed and grew a lot, at those times there were no community at all, it was just Tom Kyte and Steven Feuerstein I guess :)P

Forums and blogs developed an important community recently, also Siebel and BEA kind of other giant communities are now a part. So I guess it will be like a FenerbahçeGalatasaray derby game there, I still have hopes to meet some blogger friends at OTN Night or Lounge, I will wear my Fenerbahçe t-shirt so you can catch me easily if you want to have a chat, and here is a photo of the t-shirt :)

So my initial steps were;

1. Register for a full conference pass –

2. Subscribe to OOW blog RSS –

3. A quick review of the sessions –

ps: Any hotel advices for Oracle bloggers to have more time together? Or any other additional registration for an Oracle blogger?

Oracle #openworld08 blogger meetup event up on OracleCommunity.net feel free to RSVP. Blog post to follow. http://is.gd/13kc