New OTN Database Upgrade Forum

After Metalink’s 10g and 11g Upgrade Companions now we also have a dedicated OTN database upgrade forum :)

Forum: Database – Upgrade
– Discuss all aspects of database upgrade from planning and testing through execution and troubleshooting. Also, information about helpful tools and utilities, documentation, and other information to make your database upgrade easier, faster, and less risky. –

11g Upgrade Companion

10g Upgrade Companion

Some Best Practices of Upgrading Oracle Database


  1. Oracle 11g Database Upgrade Workshop; Move to Oracle 11g Database, The whole story:

    Part 1 –

    Click to access upgrade11gr1_workshop_part1.pdf

    Part 2 –

    Click to access upgrade11gr1_workshop_part2.pdf

  2. Upgrading from Oracle Database 9i to 10g: What to expect from the optimizer –

    Click to access twp_bidw_optimizer_10gr2_0208.pdf

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