OOW 2008 journey starts tonight

It has been nearly two months now that I have been preparing for the OOW 2008;


This year I tried to focus on the warehousing sessions and the opportunity to meet with the friends from the community. It came up to be a very busy schedule for 5 days, I guess I will not have any extra time to shop or gather around SF. At 26th I will be back in Istanbul so I will be writing a single wrap-up about my experiences next weekend I guess. Here is the probable Table of Contents. :)

– At Sunday 21, I will visit OCP Lounge for the 11g Exam Cram, I am onto an experiment, I will be having a very limited time to study the NFs of 11gR1 at the plane, lets wait and see the result. During blogger meet-up at night I hope not to experience a intensive jet-lag and enjoy this time with my favorite Oracle bloggers as long as possible.

– At Monday 22, I will do an Unconference session; Oracle Application Express Test Drive for DBAs and PL/SQL Developers, I will share this presentation with my promised wrap-up. At night this time OTN Night will be the place to have fun.

– At Tuesday 23, I will be at the OTN Lounge for the Oracle ACE Office Hours, I hope to meet and chat with some of my friends again with this opportunity. This night is very complicated, there will be three dinners I want to attend; Terabyte Club appreciation dinner, annual Oracle ACE dinner and Turkish Oracle Users dinner. I am sorry that I will be able to make only one of them.

– At Wednesday 24, I will be focusing on 11g warehousing, meet some TB Club member DBAs to exchange some experiences. And at night I will be having fun at the Appreciation Event.

Thursday morning I will be packing up and my plane will be leaving SF at lunch time. So here are some quick links you may want to check if you are also attending to OOW 2008, hope to meet you there. :)

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