Highlights of my second day at OOW2008

Monday was a very busy day for me, mostly focused with the datawarehouse sessions.

Sess.1 – UNCONFERENCE – APEX Test Drive by me :)

I guess because of it was a morning session the attandance was very limited to my session. Also I had hard time with the sun in the room, it was a very beautiful day by the way outside on Monday.

Here is my presentation, I hope you also have fun like I did during preparing it. :)

Sess.2 – Growing a DWH to 50 TBs and beyond by Hüsnü Şensoy

After my session I listened to the Keynotes, met with some Terabyte Club members to chat and moved to my collegue’s session. During the session I met Julian Dyke and chat, I was suprised to see an internals experts around here. :)

Hüsnü shared our experiences with Oracle products in our BIS Re-Engineering project at Turkcell, it was a very helpful, practical content for the attandents I guess. He will be sharing the content in his blog so if you are intrested you may add his RSS to your reader.

Sess.3 & 4 – Run a 100 TB DWH on RAC and Linux by Amazon & DWH at 300 TB on RAC by LGR Telecom(At&t-Vodafone..)

Both sessions were informative but I was very suprised to learn that LGR was not using ASM nor RMAN. Also these kinds of sessions must be done by doers not decision makers in my opinion, I want to hear the DBAs experiences not his managers.

Sess.5 – Best practices for deploying a DWH on 11g by Maria Calgan(Principal Product Manage)

This presentation was impressive, all DWH Oracle best practices within 50 minutes, I felt very lucky to be inside. Session was divided into four parts: Hardware, Logical Model, Physical Model, System Management.

I strongly advise you to download both her presentation after the conference and the OTN paper related to this session, even you are not on 11g nor a DBA of a DWH. Lessions learned for me: don’t waste your time with customers’ presentation but try to find some Oracle Product Manager session. Anyway I learned that they are at the Demogrounds and I will be visiting them.

Sess.6 – Partitioning with 11g by Bert Scalzo(Quest)

I was feeling so tired that I couldn’t finish this session and when I went back to the hotel I slept like 12 hours and missed OTN night, still feeling not so good this morning and planned to have another very busy day for Tuesday sessions, so see you tomorrow if I still can survive to write another highlight blog, and today I will at OTN Lounge(Moscone West Level 3) for my ACE Hour session if you are intrested.