Highlights of my third day at OOW2008

Hopefully I started to adopt to SF and now feeling a lot better, Tuesday was my best day until now and mostly focused with again the datawarehouse sessions and meeting some old friends from Oracle blogging community.

I have two quick hints to share: I learned that there were %20-25 discounts with Oracle books at the bookstore, West Level 2, I immediately bought several books and gifts to my Oracle database geek friends at İstanbul.

Also I learned that there are periodic shuttles to the airport and the Oracle head quarters from Moscone Center, I plan to use try of them, who may miss the chance to have some pictures for facebook near the boss’s ship parked at the lake in front of the cylindrical buildings of Oracle head quarters? :)

Sess.1 – Insider 11g Optimizer: Removing the Mystery by Maria Colgan and Mohammed Zait

This was another very well organized session from Maria related to the new optimizer features, most of them designed to end the pains we face for years, and yes they are strong and very promising this time. We have used 11gR1 database and 11g OWB at our ODS(Operational Data Store) implementation and I had opportunity to use some 11g NFs, yes there are several nasty bugs but if you manage your support issues with close relationship I strongly believe 11g is the best platform for both a warehouse developer and a dba to be.

One may think why Oracle is so proud to announce these stuff after causing all those years of pain at its customers, but lets remember that optimizer development is something to admire, it is a real software engineering process, one piece of smart box to rule any kind of Oracle database customer need, that’s why I believe it is very acceptable for CBO to be still evolving.

Sess.2 – The Best Way Keynote by Tom Kyte

Tom is one of my all time heroes, it is always a pleasure to listen to him, but I guess I am reading his books, asktom threads and Oramag articles so much that this session was a little boring for me. :) After the session I met Eddie Awad, it was a real pleasure to meet Eddie for me, I admire the things he has done to support the Oracle community, I believe if we manage to become a strong community he is one of the major actors in this evolution.

Sess.3 – Advanced performance diagnostics: What GUIs doesn’t tell you by Kurl Engeiler and Jon Waldron

There were several EM, AWR, ASH comparison type of information and practical advises like trend analysis of AWR and ASH data in this session, I liked it. patch now has the EM support for Real Time SQL Monitoring feature of 11g. spawrrac.sql can be used to have a global text based AWR report for RAC on 11g.

Sess.4 – 11g Stories from a Datawarehouse Implementation by Dr.Hulger Friedrich

This was my best session for the day, Mr.Friedrich shared an example OWB 11g framework on Expert Editor to develop a parametric mapping developer, ETL process is usually can be managed to fit in this type of a smart framework so a lot of development efforts will be dropped, it was a very cool best practice demonstration, my team back at Turkcell will love this one I am pretty sure. :)

Sess.5 – Hand-on Lab: SQL Developer Data Modeling Feature

I had the pleasure to meet Sue Harper and ask questions to her, like XE and APEX I love and advocate SQL Developer within my organization, I love idea of Oracle investing in these *no-additional-cost* database technologies, but unfortunately data modeling feature of SQL Developer seems to come out with an extra license. This feature is coming out enough strong depending to my hands-on lab, it is Oracle database aware of course in physical design but also it is OLAP aware, nice to have it around and hear Oracle will be investing in it in the future more. As far I understand other than our Data Modeling needs Jdeveloper will be the platform for us.

After the session I stopped at the near salon for a quick chat with Patrick Wolf after his session and spent some time at the UNCONFERENCE session of Dan Norris: So, you want to be an Oracle ACE. I know some of my all time idols left ACE program, the main reason behind I guess is first this title was assumed to have close relationship with some kind of excellent Oracle knowledge, but the being ACE idea is not directly related to this as far as my understanding, it is mostly related to what you give, share with the community and these are usually not related to being so deep technical but web 2.0 type of actions, still very very beneficial actions of course.

Also I guess there is no path to walk to be an ACE, it is some kind of an outcome of your choices, which to spend a lot of your time taking some actions for the community, like blogging or answering to threads at OTN forums. And finally someday you will learn that you gained this award. :)

Let me share my experience with you with this opportunity, it was early 2006 I guess, I broke up with my girlfriend after a long time relationship and at those days I was not able to sleep at all, and all I loved to do was blogging and foruming until the daytime, this depression took nearly 1,5 year, I gained ~20 kg and get addicted to blogging and foruming. And someday I recieved an email, funny isn’t it. :) Also I guess not being an ACE wouldn’t change anything in my life for today, I would continue what I did for years mostly because I love doing this. Dan’s session was important to point out these kind of questions.

One quick comment on the UNCONFERENCE sessions, I think we(bloggers) have to market these sessions more, Dan’s session had a very limited attendance similar to my APEX session unfortunately, where as I am pretty sure a massive amount of people could be interested to have these two sessions.

Sess.5 – my ACE hours at OTN Lounge

I put my picture on the map at the wall immediately when I saw my country’s space was empty, it is fun if you still didn’t try it yet, and yes I admit I missed İstanbul a lot. :)

I had great time standing and chatting to Rob, Nicholas, Chen and Andreas, feels a little weird to meet face to face to people you feel like you are so close after all those time of blogging and at OTN forums, thank to this Openworld opportunity. :)

Sess.6 – Practical DWH Experiences with 11g by Travidis

This was yet another helpful, practical session on OWB 11g and some 11g database DWH new features.

At night I couldn’t attend to the annual ACE dinner because I promised to attend to the Terabyte Club dinner, I was very unhappy to loose the chance to meet some of my heroes like Mr.Hans Forbich, Mr.Dan Morgan and Mr.Arup Nanda meanwhile it was a great experience to dine with Oracle’s datawarehouse product managers and Amazon warehouse architects, as far as I listened Amazon really rocks in terms of System and Software Engineering, they have the attribute I always dreamed of, I admired to their DWH architecture, vendor management strategy and the way they handle problems.

Today is the long waited *X* day, maybe better to call it the *XXXX* day. :)P XXXX is really big, especially if you are in the OLAP world, so do not miss Larry’s keynote today, most probably next openworld we the Terabyte Club members will be presenting how we benefited from this rocking feature. This is all I will be saying for now to motivate you. :)

Tomorrow I will be leaving immediately to catch my flight after the first “Data Accelerator” session of the last day, so I hope to make the best out of my last day here, hopefully see you tomorrow with another busy day summary I guess. :)