Highlights of my last two days at OOW08 and a wrap-up

I am back now back home to İstanbul after another ~22 hours travel, hundreds of emails waiting to be read and replied but still I am happy with these alternative costs of this year’s open world. :)

First Wednesday’s sessions;

Sess.1 – Oracle Advanced Compression: Throw away half of your disks and run your database faster by Sushil Kumar and Vineet Marwah

– Compression is not only beneficial for storage but maybe much more important benefits you gain from the network, memory and backup&recovery resource efficiency.
– OLTP Table Compression of 11gR1 Best Practices; first choose your 10-20 largest tables to compress, better results usually with larger block sizes.
– Compression Advisor is now available at OTN for download DBMS_TABCOMP.GET_RATIO, only work for 11g currently but 9i&10g is on the way.
– Since compression is highly dependent on your dataset testing with this package is highly advised.

Sess.2 – Get the best out of Partitioning: Things you always wanted you know

Case scenarios of 11g’s new partitioning options were demosntrated on this session.

Sess.3 – Change Change Change by Tom Kyte

11g change management new features were discussed on this session.

Fun parts of the day were, during the lunch break I went to the head quarters of Oracle with Route 12 shuttle, had chance to take lots of pictures. And at night at the appreciation event UB40 concert was really cool. :)

Thursday morning I attended my last session at OOW but before the session I had the privilege to meet Mr.Hans Forbich at the OTN Lounge and after the session I had a quick chat with Fuad Arshad just before I left for my flight.

New DB Accelerator Query Processing Revolutionized by Juan Loalza

Below are some keywords from this session, but I am sure we will be talking about this revolution for sometime. :)

– More and bigger pipes for data and CBO like intelligence inside hardware.
– Sold by Oracle, HW supported by HP
– Infiniband protocol, OEL 5.1 Linux
– does not support non-db storage, pure Oracle :) HPDL180G5, fully Oracle optimized, certified and supported configuration
– three tiers: Oracle DB – ASM – Exadata
– iDB ~ iSCSI but additionaly have extensive DB intelligence
– storage grid monitoring and management on grid control
– faster tablespace creation
– smartscans of exadata calls for queries, backups, join filtering and smart resource management
– compute intensive functionality still in the DB versus data intensive processing on exadata(not another DB node in short)

As a wrap-up it was a completely different open world experience for me this year, very well organized and technical content was much more in a balance with the typical marketing stuff, now time to wait for the sessions’ presentations download. :)