OWB resources versus APEX resources

Just like Apex OWB also has a very beneficial OTN forum and a Utility Exchange point to share tips and tricks. Both have Installation, Users Guides and OBEs.

But OWB has a corporate blog where as Apex(as far as I know) does not have a corporate one yet and as of today OWB does not have a 2 Day+ Developer’s Guide like Apex.


  1. carlback says:

    Well there are plenty blogs about APEX http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/database/application_express/html/apex_com_blogs.html and some of them are by APEX product developers and PM’s and such.

    Maybe we should start a ‘official’ one for news releases.


  2. Carl hi, I absolutely agree that there are *plenty* of personal Apex blogs. :)

    With this opportunity may I ask why you changed the old v2’s 2 Day Plus Application Express Developer’s Guide? I always thought and advised people that 10 chapters for a fast startup.



  3. carlback says:


    Well I did take your posting into consideration and snatched up http://blogs.oracle.com/apex/ it will have more official announcements than the developers personal blogs and probably some blog postings from people on the team that don’t normally blog.

    Will take us a week or two to get it up and populated but it’s coming along, good idea by the way ;).

    > changed the old v2’s 2 Day Plus Application Express Developer’s Guide?

    Is the 3.0 version that much different, truthfully I haven’t looked at it too much, but we can make changes.


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