Two Days Oracle Index Internals Seminar by Richard Foote

I have been following Richard’s blog for some time. So it was good to meet him in personal and join his seminar in Istanbul last week. But compared to my previous seminar notes I honestly need to say that I have been lazy this time, sorry.

When you hear the word Internals it is scary for some of us and not so practical for some others. Since I was familiar with the stuff from Richard’s blog the name was not so important for me, but I must mention that this seminar is much more beneficial for a starter to intermediate Oracle DBA profile so the naming can be perceived wrong.

It was long two days, 720 slides of pure Index topics within 10 sessions. But Richard is really a good presenter, with his jokes, up and down waving voice and body language he never let the class to go to a little sleep, even after a Turkish lunch. :)

I also wrote several Index related posts before, it was a good chance to ask Richard the question: Why Indexes? Not Tables, Clusters or Streams etc. His answer was, no specific reason. :) Marketing guys call this kind of a strategy as positioning, I like this very much: Volvo>Security, Lewis>Optimizer, Google>Simplicity, Dyke>RAC, Apple>Flexibility, Millsap>10046 etc. We may say if you have a seat on your mind for Oracle Indexes Richard wants to sit there, I guess.

Within two days Richard discussed on below topics:
– Introduction to Oracle Indexes,
– B-Tree Index Internals,
– Indexes and Statistics,
– Indexes and Constraints,
– Rebuilding Indexes(ironic chapter name for Richard right? :)
– Indexes and the Cost Based Optimizer,
– Indexing Tips, Tricks and Traps,
– Linguistic Indexes and Case-Insensitive Search,
– Other Index Structures like: Reverse Key, Function Based, IOT, Secondary Indexes on IOT, Invisable and Fake Indexes,
– Partitioned Indexes,
– Bitmap and Bitmap-Join Indexes

And here are my highlights from this seminar.

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