1. coskan says:


    One question ;

    I am lost during this trace file reading at block level (Never liked bits bytes blocks during University study :( ).
    Can you understand easily or are you struggling as well ?
    In this kind of case would you rather take a professional support or try to track down you first ?

    By the way Danisment is great and thank you for pointing his work to us.

  2. Coşkan the problem starts if you do not have purchased support or you do not trust the quality of the support, then you really start to mine into the details of the kind of dumps. Daniş is an old local Oracle support, after metalink the local support groups were closed down, we may call this one just another globalism problem.

    Afterward Daniş started his own consultancy company and of course he is much more familiar to these internals/problem troubleshooting techniques since he is visiting lots of customers compared to any of us, we may call this one system DBA problem.

    Also Daniş is an important researcher and I know he is after something really big, let’s wait and see :)

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