Embedded Software License For Oracle Products

Let’s say you are a product development company and you want to develop your products on Oracle technologies, but of course for a competitive product pricing strategy Oracle’s list prices may frighten you :)

Here is a solution you may get interested if you are a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork; Embedded Software License(ESL). This is a very restrictive license type available for Independent Software Vendors(ISVs) who embed Oracle technology into their product which is available after 10g. With this option the end user you sell your product may not even be aware of Oracle technology behind and should not be able to access it directly as a developer nor an administrator.

You choose the Oracle edition and options you need for your product and then you receive %80 discount over their list price if your application gets accepted by Oracle. Also you only pay %19 for support over this discounted %20 amount. But is only pricing the main benefit here? No, I don’t think so; embedding an Oracle Database and/or Oracle Application Server directly into an application can make you very time-to-market if you already have team with Oracle development experience and lower your operational costs at long run.

Here is some more details of this Oracle’s very attractive licensing option but for much more information I advise you to contact to your local Oracle sales representative.

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