Google pages will be migrating to Google sites :(

Google pages is migrating to Google sites and Google sites is forbidden at Türkiye, since I maintained for years all my SQL scripts mentioned here at my Google pages domain and these files are not a part of the planned migration this migration will cause lots of trouble for me and of course for the readers of this blog unfortunately.

To my taste blogs must be short and to the point, so I always proffered to link my long SQL scripts inside my posts to a text file uploaded at my Google pages, this way also the text file is opened inside browser and the file is not downloaded(you may check out for the behavior on this example post here).

I have hundreds of files linked to hundreds of blog posts, so this file maintainance will take lots of time. I will try to fix first the all time most read ten posts referenced from WordPress stats and as a workaround I will upload the text SQL files as word documents to wordpress media library(you may check out for an example migrated post here). I hope someone may advise a better alternative soon :)

I am busy with lots of reporting projects lately, most of them related to the 3g introduction in my country and CRM application migration at my company. This week I will be attending to Oracle 11g Data Warehousing Masterclass with Mark Rittman at Istanbul and at last I will have two days time to get away from the work and enjoy this seminar. And after 4 weeks I will be a family database guy now; I am getting married at the end of this July and I am very excited that for the first time in my 13 years career I will be having my first two consecutive weeks holiday as my honeymoon :)

ps: I was thinking what if or wordpress kind of free services also migrates with some constraints, too boring even to imagine, free services and their risks are like roses and their thorns.