Don’t miss OOW09 Unconference Sessions!

I love the Unconference idea, below is the list of mine just to remind you what you may miss if you do not look at the 2009 Unconference Agenda.

Monday – Oct 12
11am Overlook III: IT Access: Up close with the winning application (Eric Brandenburg, Oracle APEX Developer Challenge Winner)
1pm Overlook II: Chalk & Talk: The Core Performance Fundamentals Of Oracle Data Warehousing (Greg Rahn, Database Performance Engineer, Real-World Performance Group @ Oracle)
2pm Overlook I: Fundamentals of Performance (Oracle ACE Director Cary Millsap)
3pm Overlook II: Oracle Exadata Storage Server FAQ Review and Q&A with Kevin Closson (Performance Architect, Oracle)
4pm Overlook I: Visualization Session – Make your charts more effective for troubleshooting and presenting (Oracle ACE Chen Shapira)

Tuesday – Oct 13
9am Overlook I: What’s New in Eleven … Dot Two (that Oracle won’t be talking about) presented by Oracle ACE Director Daniel Morgan
10am Overlook I: Oracle Indexes: Q & A Discussion With Oracle ACE Director Richard Foote
3pm Overlook I: Extreme Makeover: APEX Edition – Workshop – Scott Spendolini, Oracle ACE Director, Sumner Technologies

Wednesday – Oct 14
10am Overlook II: HA DBA Roundtable: How Do You Make DBA’s Highly Available? (Alex Gorbachev, Paul Vallee, Pythian)
1pm Overlook II: Mod PL/SQL Development Tips – including Google Maps, Spatial Integration and sending HTML formatted emails with graphics (Oracle ACE Director Marcel Kratochvil)
2pm Overlook II: What’s new in OWB 11gR2 – demo and discussion (Mark Rittman and Antonio Romero)

Thursday – Oct 15
9am Overlook II: Deep Dive into Exadata by Kevin Closson and Customer Experiences
10am Overlook I: All About Grouping (Rob van Wijk)

Recent changes

Now I am managing the BI development team focused on CDR ETL, ODS and Data Mining areas, my team is called Revenue Oriented Business Intelligence, cool naming ha? :) Because of my experiences I prefer the “team leader” attribute instead of “team manager”, this change is a very exciting new experience for me.

Last month I blogged twice at our corporate blog in Turkish: But I can easily say that during 2009 I become much more a twitter guy(short and brief feeds) than a blogger, you can follow my feeds at

Next week I will be at OOW09, my sessions will be focused on data warehousing and exadata as usual, here is a list of the sessions on this focus area:

Also I will be attending to several Terabyte Club meetings and I will try to do my best to attend to the ACE dinner and Bloggers Meetup this year, OOW is a very good opportunity for networking. So if you will also be around see you at OTN Lounge :)