I may be back :)

It has been a while again since my last blog, so I wanted to give some quick highlights.

– Turkcell bought a full Rac Sun Exadata V2 box, we are still in test phase and we plan to migrate our 100+ TB DWH this August. This installation and migration is being a major experience for both us and Oracle. My team has several customer experience presentation proposals on ODI with Exadata and CEP for OOW and UKOUG, so I hope these proposals are being accepted and we can meet to share these experiences in detail.

– We are working close with Oracle Data Mining product development team for the In-Database mining options on 11.2 and Exadata. Automated SAS model migration is an important development. We will be at Krakow, Poland for Oracle’s DWH Global Leaders event to meet with the product development team.

OracleTurk is now 11 years old, with each year the forum activity is getting much more mature, last year I passed to read only mode after one of my close friend’s warning, he told me to give chance for the new people to answer since I was mad for answering any question on this forum for years. It was very hard for me I must admit, but now I see this warning was very helpful since lots of new faces is now around the forum :)

Tanel and Tom will be at Istanbul this week, I will attend Tanel’s session at my company. If I can, I will try to share my seminar notes like I did in old days.

– My friend, colleague Hüsnü who is the first Turkish Oracle ACE Director and Oracle DBA of year 2009 has quited his job at Turkcell and started a new journey. I am very sad about this decision on one hand since now we are apart but happy for Hüsnü since I am very pretty sure that he will face and win this new challenge.

– Recently I saw that one of my Turkish DBA friend Kamran has been rewarded as an Oracle ACE, I am very happy to see young passionate and hard working people to achieve these kind of success and become another inspiration to the newbies.

It is my 8th month as the team leader for the BI development team at Turkcell group. Leading my team is very exciting, I am also inside lots of non-Oracle projects like developing a Turkish text mining and web crawler product, AbInitio Linux migration, developing a Java based ETL product etc. I have the prvilige to work with very talented young software engineers so leading my team is a great joy and experience until now. Where as being managed as a manager is something I am still being challenged, I couldn’t get used to this feeling until now. Anyway, as once Lance Armstrong said: “Pain is temporary, but quiting lasts forever.” so I continue to fight for what I believe in.

ps: I chosed this title for this post just to make an expression for my last comeback, I hope this blog may be a similar comeback :)

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