Oracle DW Global Leaders Program for EMEA – 2010

I attended the 5th official Oracle EMEA DW Global Leaders meeting last week hosted by Oracle DWH Product Management at Barcelona. Each year we meet twice, last meeting was at Krakow Poland at June. I believe what Oracle does with this program is very unique, each time we as the largest Oracle DW customers at EMEA meet with the top management of Oracle DW prodcut management and each other to exchange information. Program has now 65 participants from 13 different countries. Oracle defines this program as: “The DW global leaders program is a strategic Customer Program within Oracle DW Development to ensure successful and referenceable DW Clients and support our future DW product directions through ongoing, close and proactive relationship. In addition we want to offer a platform for our members to share experience and best practice in Data Warehousing”.

Additional to these meetings twice a year there are WebSeminar Series by customers monthly, Customer Advisory Boards where we discuss on the future developments of Oracle DW solutions, Conf-Calls on specific DWH topics with other DW Global Leaders customers, escalation of SRs and establishing relationship with DWH development, DWH architecture review and healthchecks and an assigned DWH Product Manager as contact point for DW Global Leaders. At Barcelona my company Turkcell Technology was announced as the Communications Associate Partner of Oracle DWGL program and we presented our Data Quality Management platform we developed for Turkcell ICT DW needs during 2010. Next meeting will be at Athens June 2011. If you want to know more about DWGL program or our DQ Management platform you can drop me an email.